Dave Behrens

Dave has been in the lighting business for over 25 years. About half of those years were with a major conglomerate, in a variety of roles from operations to sales. The balance have been with the agency. The unique factory experience has brought a fresh perspective to the lighting agency, as we strive to do
things different, better, faster, simpler – all in an effort to wow our customers.

Chris Morrison

Chris has been in the lighting business for over 25 years.  Starting in distribution, he quickly found his footing in lighting and became an agent.  Chris is a champion of the customer, and his creative problem solving is unrivaled.  We call him MacGyver – no problem he can’t solve for you!  When he isn't selling light fixtures, he is nurturing a budding acting career ... see him in action HERE

Matt Blake

Matt has been in the lighting business for over 6 years.  Several years were with local distribution, and the balance with the Q.  Matt brought the SOP (standard operating procedure) mentality to first our projects desk, then to our contractor sales effort.  His military background and discipline are clear in every customer interaction he has.

Chris Rierson

Chris has been in the lighting business for over 20 years.  Half of those years with local distribution, and half with a lighting agent.  Chris brings a customer first attitude, and a make it happen hustle.

John Weishaar

John has been in the lighting business for over 15 years.  He is the other right brain in the office, and comes to us with a degree from SCAD.  He has had a number of roles in lighting from product design, to working with an Italian start up.  His design intuition is second to none. And he likes big dogs, cooks a mean anything, and is our resident mixologist.

Mark Shevin

Mark has been in the lighting business and at the Q for 6 years.  He has a degree in Material Science form Michigan. He brings a balance of process and technical knowledge that suits him well in the fast changing world of LED lighting and controls.

Matt Carter

Matt has been in the lighting business for over 10 years.  Most of that experience has been with local distribution. He brings a strong contractor understanding to his everyday efforts.

Sean Taylor

Sean has been with the Q for over 4 years.  He is a State grad, with 3 years of Mechanical Engineering under his belt.  He is our resident fix it guy. If it is broken, just ask Sean. If he can’t fix it, he will figure it out.  This trait serves him well in this business!

Zach Weigand

Zach has been in the lighting business for over 8 years.  Early on he was with a progressive LED manufacturer, before LED became common place.  He is arguably one of the more social team members. If you are grabbing a beer with one of us, he would be up on the list.  But don’t let the fun side fool you – he is very knowledgeable, and highly motivated.

Amber Ripley

Amber brings a little midwest flair to the team.  She is a graduate of University of Wisconsin, wiith a BS in applied science.  Amber played collegiate volleyball, and is tough as nails.  Just take a look here at the 1:45 mark to see here make a crazy dig that led to a winning point!

Seth Boling

Seth has been with the Q for over 4 years. He is an App State grad in marketing. He was one of our first interns, and just couldn’t seem to leave us after graduation. He has embraced a number of roles and is one of our most well rounded team members.

Frank Murray

Frank has been in the lighting business for 6 years, all with us here at the Q!  He has an Applied Math degree from NC State, and scored a 1600 on his SAT. When we have number questions, he is our go to!

Cory McIntyre

Cory has been with the Q for over 4 years.  He is an NC State grad, and brings an incredible work ethic, and process mindset to all his responsibilities.  And he is a huge Canes fan.

Melissa Bailey

Melissa has over 10 years of experience in the industry – about half in distribution, and half with us here at the Q.  She brings a real sense of urgency to our team, but a calm, cool bedside manner that this group of A types desperately needs.  When we need advice, she is our go to!

Daniel Cobo

Another State grad, that was also an intern.  Daniel keeps us young in the office. If you need a good story about what someone did over the weekend, he is your guy.

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